Flower Ecstasy 3

A few lovelies:  


WPC- Glow

Photo Challenge- Glow So over at the Daily Post, Jen is talking about the Golden Hour. Yes, it is totally magical. Yes, photographers go dreamy eyed at the thought.  Even non-photographers marvel at that special time. Anyone with eyeballs should. I could post some photos of things during that magical hour, but when I saw... Continue Reading →

Halloween Challenge- wk 3

For Jennifer's Halloween Challenge, I didn't have much for week 2, so will add them here with what I have for week 3 so far. Week 2: Night Broom: This broom is standing on its own. Spider: Week 3- Treat: This is some delicious Tiramisu. Autumn: Fog:  

Halloween Challenge- Wk 1

Jennifer has renewed her Halloween Challenge again this year! And... I'm already behind.  So with that in mind, I'm going to do this whole week's topics in one post. She said we could respond weekly, which works perfectly for me. Day 1: Pumpkin Day 2: Ghost This is the hallway at the Crescent Hotel in... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge- Windows

Photo Challenge- Windows I had to dig through the folders for this challenge but here you go! While we were stuck in traffic we were being watched with great interest by this French Bulldog. He/she was so cute I had to get a photo. Some beautiful windows on this log house. I was out on... Continue Reading →

DP- Witty

Daily Prompt- Witty Ok WordPress, get out of my brain! Sure there's plenty of empty space for you to move into but you weren't invited. How do I know you're in there? Because this is what I was going to post today before I read the prompt. Because this is SO me in relation to... Continue Reading →

Flower Ecstasy

I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting again. I've been lax in that all summer it seems. I think maybe I can get going again by posting some flower photos. I had the opportunity to capture some flowers at the local nursery this year and it was like opening a treasure chest!... Continue Reading →

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