Cee's Which Way Challenge-2/16/18 These photos are taken on Hwy 93, in British Columbia, Canada. Most were taken from the car, going down the road so not exactly high quality. If we'd have stopped for every photo, we wouldn't have gotten anywhere. 🙂 Even so, I got a ton of photos. This is but a... Continue Reading →


Incredible Iris

And now, because I need something light and lovely after that sad, last post... The Incredible Iris...  

Crying Over You

This fractal is called "Crying Over You". I'm posting it today along with thoughts & prayers for the kids and families in Florida. It's all so heartbreaking.

It’s Westminster Time!

Woo Hoo!! The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is on! We watch it every year and this year I'm actually getting to watch the breed judging online. Too cool! Today they are showing the breeds from the three final groups: Working, Sporting and Terrier. Yesterday was the breeds from the Non-Sporting, Toy, Herding and Hound... Continue Reading →

COB- 2/11/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge 2/11/18 A view of the top of a building from the viewing deck of the Seattle Space Needle. Someone did such a great job of painting these to look 3D. It was hard to tell if they were painted on or were actual sculptures.

CWW- 2/9/18

Cee's Which Way- 2/9/18 These were taken near Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are gondolas that go up & over the mountain near Shannon Falls. This was a suspension bridge that was at the top of the mountain, along with a restaurant and gift shop. It was really cold, wet and windy and I did not... Continue Reading →

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