Super Creepy Crap 5

From the super scary and forever memorable "Night Gallery" TV series (with original text in parenthesis): “Good evening, and welcome to a private showing of three items (paintings), displayed here for the first time. Each is a collector’s item in its own way—not because of any special artistic quality, but because each captures (on a... Continue Reading →


October Horror

Hello October. You're early. According to my calendar it should still be July. I don't know why July & August feel like they have to barely show up, but whatever.  I believe September was influenced by their behavior because it barely showed its face as well. So be it. October is here and although it's the doorway to... Continue Reading →

RDP- Color

Ragtag Daily Prompt- Color I love color! I think God loves color too and is the ultimate artist.   I never knew that Alaska was so colorful.      

RDP- Contrast

RDP- Contrast Hmm. Contrast. It doesn't have to be black & white. It can be bright on neutral. Or bright with neutral. It could be the contrast of granite mountains against soft clouds and grass. Or shadow and light.    

CFFC- Pastels

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge- Pastels I had to hunt for some pastels, but once I started searching, I found a lot! Here are a few. Starting with flowers. Of course.   Then some pastel skies.

Pill Wars

This isn't about people pills, but dog pills.  As I sit here, blogging and watching TV I'm trying to put off giving the dogs their meds as long as I can. I wrote a post about Little Bitty getting sick and now both she and Itty Bitty are coughing. So apparently they have kennel cough.... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 4

Ah! More super creepy crap! Here are a few things that I've found at the antique stores. If you like creepy, here are other examples in the previous 3 posts about super creepy crap. Super Creepy Crap 3    Super Creepy Crap 2    Super Creepy Crap Now, maybe someone can explain it to me, but I... Continue Reading →

RDP- Copyright

Ragtag Daily Prompt- Copyright This reminds me of when I had to look up the difference between "copyright" and "copywrite". From : Copyright is a noun referring an creator’s exclusive legal right to his or her work. A copyrighter is a person who secures copyrights. Other derivative forms include copyrighting, copyrights, copyrighted, and copyrightable.  Copywrite is a rarely occurring backformation from copywriter—which refers to a writer of copy,... Continue Reading →

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