Me & He- Fixing Things

I'm pretty good at fixing a lot of stuff. But when I'm having trouble, have been working on something for hours and it's still not fixed Hubs will stroll by and ask if I need help. Then this happens. I don't know how he does it. It's wizardry for sure. Happy Easter to everyone!


It seems I've been stumbling along lately. I haven't been posting here even though I enjoy it. The rocks in my road of life have gotten huge and difficult to get over. Both Hubs and I got a nasty respiratory infection all through December. Then I took it further with dehydration and ended up in... Continue Reading →

L-APC: Diagonals

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Diagonals Diagonals, leading lines... they're everywhere! I love taking photos of roads. Especially when you don't know where they lead. In this photo not only does the road lead you, but the trees do too. Sometimes they seem to go on forever. Others seem to just stop. Some are more horizontal. They... Continue Reading →

L-APC: Home Sweet Home

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Home Sweet Home I figured I'd stick to my own state for this challenge. I live in Oklahoma. It doesn't have big mountains, or ocean, but there is diversity here. Some might surprise you. I've lived here most of my life and I've been surprised. I've written about the Talimena Drive several... Continue Reading →

L-APC: Texture

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Texture Texture in photography is fun. It adds a level of visual interest to the photo. Turtle rocks in Arkansas. Thistle bud The velvety texture of a rose. Charred wood. The soft mane of a gorgeous horse. This color is called silver dapple. Horse hair caught in fence cable. A soft, fluffy... Continue Reading →

L-AC: Wildlife Close to Home

Lens-Artist Challenge: Wildlife Close to Home There are a lot of deer in our area. Turkeys as well. A Roadrunner on the lawn mower. It's always fun to watch the Jackrabbits. This little guy was fun to photograph.

RDP: Curmudgeon

Daily Prompt: Curmudgeon I don't know why, but I like the word curmudgeon. It's fun to say. I think they call them "Karens" now...curmudgeons. People who can't seem to love life and roll with its ups and downs. Like they're mad at everything and everyone all the time. I feel sad for them, being in... Continue Reading →

RDP: Drive

RDP: Drive We have driven A LOT. Whether we wanted to or not. Back in our younger days, Hubs would have to deliver tools/equipment. A lot of times the equipment would be needed the next day and we'd have to drive all night to get it there. I don't miss that part. The good part... Continue Reading →

Hair It Is

Hair. It's a magical, fantastical, incredible material. We can cut it without pain. We can change it's color. We can shape it and even change it's structure. It regenerates itself even after we've nuked it with chemotherapy. We can see what's in the body (chemicals, drugs, nutrients etc.) by testing the hair. Straight hair strands... Continue Reading →

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