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CYW- Wisteria

Woo hoo! I'm caught up for a few minutes!! Color Your World- Wisteria

CYW- Purples! Oh my!

  Royal Purple   Purple Mountain's Majesty   Violet  

CYW-Blue Bell,Blue Violet, Purple Heart

Color Your World-Blue Bell Color Your World- Blue Violet   Color Your World- Purple Heart

COB- 3/19/17

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 3/19/17 These are red ants. It hurts a LOT when they sting. For some odd reason they were gathered together in this pile. My guess is that there was a new queen and they were gathering to... Continue Reading →


Cee's Which Way- 3/17/17 A pass in Colorado. Looking back. Looking forward. Heading back down.

Macro Moments: wk 34

Macro Moments: Wk 34 The green is just now starting to show up around here. It was 33 degrees out when I got up this morning. Funny how the weeds in the lawn are the first to show up. This... Continue Reading →

CYW- Manatee

Color Your World- Manatee  

CYW- Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder What could be more of the "wild blue yonder" than the mountains?        

CYW- Indigo

Color Your World- Indigo I'm in love with this color!

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