Ah, sunshine!

(I actually wrote this yesterday. Just getting it posted today. Which is a cold, wet, 40 degrees and cloudy. Bleh.)

What is it about a bright sunny day that makes things just feel better? Today is lovely. Somewhere in the 50’s, which is fantastic for this time of year here. The sun is shining through my big living room windows, although they are dirty. But the room is bright enough without being annoying. If I sit here another 20 minutes, the sunlight will make the corner and hit me right in the face. Which I won’t like, but still won’t mind so much. I’ll just have to pull the shears to filter it a bit.

It’s like life and energy flow into the room when the sun shines in. I feel comfortable and cozy and that things are ok. When Β it’s cloudy and gloomy it’s not at all that way. It feels more like I’m in a box. It could be worse though. At least we live on top of a hill and can see a long distance from the house. It’s one of the main reasons we bought this property. We’ve already seen some incredible sunsets, and a few storms.

Here’s one of the sunsets. Isn’t it glorious? I’m always amazed at how one can experience such beauty and grandeur, and all you have to do is stand there and watch. So many people miss out because they don’t take the time to stop and watch.


It’s probably obvious by now that I’m not a winter person. I don’t like the cold, and the cold here is especially biting with the wind chill factor. Yuck. Luckily, it’s sporadic and we get some pretty decent days throughout the winter. If the sun’s shining, I can pretend it’s warmer than it actually is. Hey. Whatever works.


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