Nothing else like ’em

People. There’s nothing else like them. Take this guy for example. We’re coming home one day and come up on this van. The first thing I think is WOW! The second thing I think is “Holy Crap! That’s a wreck on wheels”. Then I think “How the heck did he get all of that stuff up there??”

I can hear the conversation now… Wife: “Honey, we need to rent a van.” Hubs: “Honey, we have a van.” Wife: “No, a BIG van!” Hubs: “This one is big enough. It’ll all fit.” And so he then proceeds to prove that it is big enough, come hell or blown-out tires.

I mean, how tall was the ladder that he had to  use to stack that stuff up there? Did he just throw it out the top story window and hope it landed on top of the van? I have to give him an atta boy just for the effort it took to get that stuff stacked up there. Let alone getting it tied down. I’m sure he was proud of his achievement. But what blank space in his brain said that it would be ok to go down a major interstate highway like that?

I don’t know how far he had to go. The back of the van was riding low and as it was going down the road it was rocking & swaying vigorously side to side; kinda like when the washing machine is out of balance. This was out on the barren plains of Texas, so there was plenty of encouragement from the wind.  I don’t know how long he expected the tires to take that kind of torture. My guess is as long as it took to get to where he was going.



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