Left Behind

State of Mind The Weekly Photo Challenge is called State of Mind. "This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo." "Every photo we take says something about our emotions at the moment of taking it. So this week, share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between... Continue Reading →

Groups & Conversation

Counting Voices So the Daily Prompt turned out to be something that I had planned on writing about anyway. Cool that it worked out that way. Conversations, groups of people.What's the right number of people for a good conversation (in relation to myself of course)? First of all, for me, it depends on the people.... Continue Reading →

Gold Camp Road

Gold Camp Road is such an awesome drive! It's located outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It's been a few years since we drove this road, but it was one of my favorites. First of all, it's dirt. Which instantly makes me want to ride horses on it. Plus, it has all of these incredible passes... Continue Reading →

Jewelry Box revived

I saw this jewelry box and had to rescue it. It had nice bones but had not been treated kindly in it's lifetime. Plus it had a simple shape just perfect for what I wanted to do. It's been finished for a while and I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Looking at the ones I... Continue Reading →

A Pet Peeve

"Pet peeve". It's a strange description, if you think about it.  I guess since a "peeve" is something that annoys you, if it continues to annoy you and stays around, it becomes a "pet". My all-time major pet peeve is liars. Liars and lying are the worst. You trust someone, you believe what they tell... Continue Reading →

The little things

I need something happy. It's been such a crappy week that I'm looking to self-soothe. So I've found some pretty pictures that I took and am posting them here.  So here's this lovely little common butterfly on some wild flowers. It's just a weed that was growing in the pasture, but the flowers were so... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Sweet

I just got back from having one of my dogs put down. Well, it's been a couple of hours; enough time to relatively pull myself together. I've been through this so many times. I can't really count. I do know that I've lost 3 dogs within this past year. Which I think is a lot... Continue Reading →

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