The little things

I need something happy. It’s been such a crappy week that I’m looking to self-soothe. So I’ve found some pretty pictures that I took and am posting them here. butterfly2

So here’s this lovely little common butterfly on some wild flowers. It’s just a weed that was growing in the pasture, but the flowers were so pretty in those varying shades of lavender to purple. Looks like the butterfly thought so too!

Then there was this guy. Isn’t he fabulous? Those wings! Clearly this was a day that I was out with my macro lens, which I truly love. It’s so cool to see stuff so close that you’d normally not get to see. Like this guy with his fighter-jet-looking body and those incredibly fragile looking wings.


I don’t know what kind of flowers these are. Again, some weeds out in the pasture at our old house. I do miss the flora and fauna that I used to find out there. Don’t they look like those filament lights that are so cool?


This honey bee was very motivated by the flowers. Little did I know that he and his crew were setting up shop in the soffit in my house. That’s another story to share later.


Isn’t this moth just so pretty? I saw him and followed him around for a while so that I could get a picture. It was harder than you think to follow him! I know you’re probably thinking “What a dweeb. Getting excited over a moth.” Well, people, it’s the little things in life that can bring the most joy.  If there’s a lot of little things that are bad, they can be equally as annoying as the good little things are joyful.

Right now, I’m finding the joy in this little moth. I’m loving the colors of the flowers with him and the brightness of the sunshine. I’m happy that I captured him with my camera and that he was actually in focus!

All of these pictures of these tiny creatures going about their day, doing their thing, enjoying their lives have brightened my day. Which was the whole purpose of posting them. I hope they brought some enjoyment to your day as well.





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