Gold Camp Road

Gold Camp Road is such an awesome drive! It’s located outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s been a few years since we drove this road, but it was one of my favorites. First of all, it’s dirt. Which instantly makes me want to ride horses on it. Plus, it has all of these incredible passes through the rocks, and the tunnels! I doubt any of my horses would’ve gone through the tunnels without me getting off & going first. (If anybody’s gonna die, Mom’s going first!) It had SUCH a western feel and knowing that it used to be a railway that carried millions and millions in gold just adds to the intrigue.

They say that the tunnels are haunted, but I didn’t get that vibe. Although, I saw this group of rocks and had to get a picture. I swear it’s not photoshopped. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it and what’s the point anyway? I don’t know if it was just the right time of day, with the right angle or what, but I definitely see a face there. Do you? I’m always seeing things in other things though, so yes, I’m weird.


Anyway, let’s get back on the road. (Ha!) I read that part of the road was permanently closed to vehicle traffic. We must’ve routed around that part somehow. Or missed it completely. The part we were on was so beautiful.


It’s kind of narrow in some spots, and since it’s dirt, you do kick up some dust. Doesn’t this look like something from a western movie?


The tunnels are a one-car deal, which is fine. I can’t remember if this road was a one-way or not. Maybe if someone local to the area reads this, they can clarify that for me.


How cool is it to think that a train went through these tunnels? I read that after they’d sold the railway, someone took out all of the rails and turned it into a toll road. And that he made around $400 a  day at $1 per car! After his permit ran out, it turned into a public road. Thankfully.

This is a glimpse of some of Colorado Springs, Colorado. What a view!


A blind curve through the rocks. I just love it!


We’re coming up to one of the tunnels. It’s a little difficult to tell if anyone is coming from the other direction. Again, I can’t remember if this road was one-way or not. I believe the railway was built in the late 1800’s.  I cannot imagine how much work it took to build these tunnels.


Here’s a local resident! I don’t think she could give me much information though.


We came across a few deer along the way. Isn’t she pretty?


Another tunnel. Only 2 are left that are intact. The third one collapsed, which is why part of the road is closed. There are stories about them being haunted. Like physical things happening to people, such as slaps, scratches, hand prints on the car that weren’t there before.  I just see them as a wonderment and something that is from long ago and will probably never be done again. But I can see how they look spooky.


This little guy was in an area where we parked for a bit.


Then as we were driving along, we came into a community and THIS gal was just trotting along! Isn’t she just gorgeous? There were houses all along here, but she must visit frequently because she didn’t see bothered at all. We were thrilled and felt so lucky to get to see her. Spotting wildlife is always a big treat when we’re on a drive.



Ok. I have no idea what direction we’re going here. But this was a big long bridge. I’m guessing maybe it used to be a railroad bridge. I could be wrong. I usually am.




Isn’t it just so pretty and rugged and WESTERN! It’s easy for me to imagine the pioneers and the trappers riding through here. Of course they didn’t have this cool road.


How totally awesome is this? Right through the rocks. Don’t know what’s on the other side. Can’t wait to find out!


I would love to go back to that road and take another trip on it. The scenery is fantastic, the road itself is quite an experience.





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