CYW-Screamin’ Green

Well, I had some trouble finding anything to match this color. I couldn't find much in nature and I don't have hardly any pictures of man-made things (except the hot rods of course). This is the closest I could find.

CFFC- Dirt Roads

This was a photo challenge that I couldn't pass up.  Cee's Fun Foto Challenge. I have been taking pictures of roads for years. It's kind of a thing for me. So many roads are so interesting and most, if not all, of them I'd never been on before. I'll try not to overload this post... Continue Reading →

Having a Voice

Voice I've found that starting a blog has been somewhat cathartic. Which is satisfying since that is what I needed from it. Someplace to voice my thoughts & feelings, whether anyone read them or not. However, it is nice to get some recognition that I exist and that some people might enjoy and/or connect with... Continue Reading →

Conceal to Survive

Conceal Animals are always concealing themselves in order to survive. Sometimes they don't even try. It's just automatic. An Emerald Tree Boa. (Sorry for the poor focus.) A baby Loon. A deer in the woods. Others change their appearance to look like their surroundings. I saw (barely) this frog on  our porch spigot. It's amazing... Continue Reading →

CYW- Salmon

I found a few for this color. A thunderstorm brewing at sunset. The incredible iris called "Minneola". Sunset on Queen Wilhelmina Parkway. Sunset in Tampa, Florida.

CYW- Royal Purple

There's nooo way I'd be able to pass up my favorite color! I might go a little overboard with this one. Stop whenever you get tired of looking at the pictures. 🙂 This magnificent Iris is called "Badlands". This one is called "Penguin Party". This is one that I had in my garden. I don't... Continue Reading →

CYW- Robin Egg Blue

Ok. I got a little behind so I'm catching up with the REB. It looks kind of like a light aqua to me, but maybe it's just my monitor. I'll start with the sky on Mount Evans in Colorado. A little more on the blue side than what I'm seeing in the example. How scary... Continue Reading →


Footsteps Footsteps can say a lot. They can also raise some questions. These for instance. Was it just a dog walking along the shore? Was it a coyote looking for food? It looks like there may be a human footprint on the left, so I'm  thinking a dog & his human. Then there are these... Continue Reading →

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