Color Your World: Periwinkle

I’ve always enjoyed that word. It just sounds fun and humorous and clownish to me. My blog site is close to a periwinkle color. Maybe a little too dark & purply (Spell Check! Spell Check! Uh, says that’s a word.) for periwinkle though.

I came across the Color Your World Challenge on . I’m a little late to the party, but hey, I can still have some fun! Plus I absolutely love color! It’s astounding in so many ways.

I found some pictures of some flowers that have the Periwinkle tone to them.

These little lovelies had a visitor while I was there.


Sigh. Flowers are so  lovely.


You really don’t see that many flowers that are blue and especially periwinkle blue. At least I don’t. All of these flowers were in British Columbia, Canada. A glorious place that we’ve been to a few times and that I wouldn’t mind visiting again.




But then there’s always the multi hues and shades of a beautiful blue sky.  Highway 1 in BC, Canada.


View of Mt. Evans in Colorado, USA. Another spectacular place to visit.




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