water06One Love

What? Only one? How could I possibly have only one love? I love so many things, so many people! I can’t choose.

Of course  the first thing I thought about was my husband. As I look over at him, making guacamole (my favorite), how could I NOT love him with all of my heart? He’s been there for me like no other these past few months. But….

I also have a son. He’s everything to me. He’s the reason why I have these photos of water droplets. He wanted to get some shots of  them and I joined in on the experiment. He’s a much better photographer than I am .But I digress.



I can’t choose between the two. That would be a torture beyond imagination. And what about all the other things I love? I have to choose between them too?  Nope. Don’t think so.

“Oh. Well then what’s your favorite?”

Why do I have to have a favorite? That makes me have to choose again. I don’t want to choose. There are so many beautiful things in  this world. Each have their special qualities, as do people.

Speaking of people, this brings us around to the explanation of “One Love” on the WPC page. I get it. World Peace. Sadly impossible.

But I’ll love who I can, associate with others, tolerate others, ignore some, avoid some.

And not choose just ONE love.