A gathering of drops


The drops wake up from being frozen all winter. They get a little loose, break out of ice form and become water.

“Hey Fred!”

“Yeah Norton?”

“You wanna head for the river?”

“You betcha Norton! Let’s head for the river! Hey Alice! Wanna go to the river?”

Alice is still a little sleepy, but she agrees and tells all of her friends.

They start out for the river.


“What the heck Marge? Where’s everyone goin’?”

“Oh, Fred & Norton decided to head for the river. They asked Alice to go and she told all of her friends.”

“Well, I’m not gettin’ left behind! I’m goin’ with ’em.”

“Ok, I’ll come along shortly Elmer. You go on ahead.”

So Elmer spreads the word that a bunch of drops are headed for the river and everyone gets excited and wants to go.


But in a short time, there’s not enough room for everyone to go at once and they start piling up.




(Odegaard Falls in Bella Coola, BC, Canada)odegaardfalls1

The group gets bigger & bigger and everyone’s in a hurry to get to the river.


Sometimes they come out of the rock and think they’ve hit the river.

“Woo Hoo! Norton! We’re here! Paradise at last! We can float to the ocean without a care in the world dude!”

“Fred. Why do you always have to jump the gun? This is NOT the river! Well, at least not THE river. We still have a ways to go before we get there.”

“Wow Alice. Give the guy a break. He’s just excited about the trip. We’ve never been this way before. Just because your mother told you about the trip doesn’t mean you know everything.”

“Well! Did YOUR mother come back as snow and tell YOU about the trip Norton? I think not. She stayed in the ocean.”


So things get a little stirred up and drops get grumpy.

(Takakkaw Falls, BC, Canada. Height: 1250′)tkkflls11


But they finally reach the river and much to Fred’s glee, they get to float along until they get to the ocean.


That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.



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  1. I should say you have quite some gifted eyes. I see every picture has a connection and a story. You connect nature and our lives. Interesting. I am going to see all your collection.

    Liked by 1 person

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