CYW- Purple Mountains’ Majesty

Ah! I’m caught up now! And just ecstatic about all of this purple!! I’m in heaven!

Finding something to match the Purple Mountains’ Majesty was a little more tricky. But I managed to find some examples in my stash of flowers and hot rods again.

I never realized how amazing thistles were until I started taking pictures of them. I’ll share more pics of them later.


This little flower is simply fabulous.


I can’t blame this bee for getting down into all of that lovely purple!


A couple of hot rods that fit the bill.



2 thoughts on “CYW- Purple Mountains’ Majesty

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    1. Aren’t they cool? So many colors and styles and the paint work is incredible. There’s one that changed colors as you walked around it. Maybe I’ll be able to use it in a future post.


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