Footsteps can say a lot. They can also raise some questions. These for instance. Was it just a dog walking along the shore? Was it a coyote looking for food? It looks like there may be a human footprint on the left, so I’m  thinking a dog & his human.


Then there are these footprints of a bear. A very large bear. Oddly in the picture it looks like the footprints are raised instead of a depression. They were definitely depressed and it looked like they weren’t all that old. Meaning the bear had been there just before we were. Which is a scary thought since we were out in the middle of nowhere with no other people around.



Then there are these kind of footprints. The ones where while you were outside, your little 7lb Toy Schnauzer has jumped up onto a table that is about waist high to a human. Where she has gotten tangled in the wires of a hanging basket that was sitting on said table. Where she has jumped (or fallen-hopefully not) down to the floor with previously described basket, and carried it around upside down like a freaking turtle shell all over the dining room. Probably at a high rate of speed. Making several rounds until she got away from it, and mangling the poor Christmas cactus that was blissfully minding its own business up until about 5 minutes prior.

Does she look guilty? Does the cactus look traumatized? It was winter so all of my plants were in the house, along with the dogs. They knew something was up because when I came back from the barn, they were ready to get the heck out of the house. Maybe they were traumatized too, seeing some strange dog/turtle/alien thing scrambling all over the place. Salem was covered in dirt, so there was no question who the culprit was. Usually they all get off scott free because I don’t know which one committed the crime. The two standing at the door look anxious to find out what happens to Salem. She got a scolding is all. The cactus lived, but was left somewhat sparse due to the incident.


You can see the height of the table. I’m guessing she jumped up on the one chair that was by the table then got on the table. I wish I had video.


4 thoughts on “Footsteps

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  1. I can not tell you how many times I have come home to this scene…only my dogs are usually looking at the cats as if to say “they did it, Mom”….with obvious doggy prints in the dirt!

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  2. This is both scary and hilariously adorable. I can’t even imagine what the dog went through with the cactus ! Though my kids sometimes do insane things like manage to get up on my computer desk and destroy my attempts at organization lol so maybe it’s similar?


  3. I know! I sure hope she didn’t fall off the table. She was fine, physically, so I don’t think she did. I did have a laugh just imagining her with the pot on top of her and running around. What? You try to be organized with kids? Has anyone checked you for a fever lately? LOL!

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