I scrounged around and found a few different photos for this color.

This is one of my favorite photos. It’s a thistle bud. I took several photos of them in various stages and all of the buds are incredible. The symmetry and design is amazing. I’ll have to write up a post just for them in the near future.


In my attempt to keep from being boring with just flowers and/or cars, here’s a view of the elevators in the cruise ship that we were on some years ago. You can see the balconies for each floor in between the elevator shafts.


This is an example of the towel sculptures that they would do for us each night on the ship. This little dog was so cute. There was a swan, a seal and some others that I can’t remember.


This is a really cool bug that I found and was lucky enough to get a picture of. Isn’t he ¬†interesting?