Easter thoughts

Easter is upon us. It kind of crept up on me. I guess since we’ve had a pretty mild winter here I haven’t had the seasonal change that we gradually have.

I’m not a super religious person. I don’t go to church but I do believe in God and Heaven and I believe there is a devil and hell. A few days before my mom died she said she talked to Jesus. Plus during those few days, there were some unusual things that I saw.  So all of that was some heavy duty confirmation for me.


I think about all of the suffering that Jesus went through. It’s very sad to the point that I can’t dwell on it. I’m not good at dealing with suffering, be it human or animal.

I find it interesting that Easter ushers in Spring and all of the renewal of life in the plants and animals. The grass turns green. Flowers sprout up and bloom. The trees get leaves and the sun is glorious in it’s warmth. Animals make nests and get their mates and have their babies. The birds make their nests and lay their eggs. It’s a beautiful time, and one of my favorites. I’ve never thought of it in correlation with Easter. Maybe everyone has always thought of it like that and I’m just having an epiphany. Jesus died for us and the world is renewed.


Maybe that has something to do with how the Easter bunny thing got started. I don’t know. Who thought up bunnies laying eggs is skewed, but whatever. Still, I always enjoyed setting out all of the baskets and eggs for my son to find on Easter morning. His innocence and excitement brought me joy. I carried on the tradition of when we were kids and Mom would set out the fake grass nests with the candy eggs and jelly beans, the chocolate bunnies sitting in those nests in the house. She would make homemade Easter eggs that were like giant Mounds candy bars in an egg shape. If I could’ve hoarded them I would have.

I try to consciously focus on the joy of things and not the sadness or despair. The thought of Jesus’ suffering is almost paralyzing. But the thought of his resurrection and the renewal of the world in Spring is joyous. And that’s what I’m going with.



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