I’ve found that starting a blog has been somewhat cathartic. Which is satisfying since that is what I needed from it. Someplace to voice my thoughts & feelings, whether anyone read them or not. However, it is nice to get some recognition that I exist and that some people might enjoy and/or connect with what I put into words and pictures.

I prefer the anonymity so that I can have the freedom to say what I feel without A) having to explain or defend myself to people who may know me and B) having to monitor myself to keep from hurting said people’s feelings. Not that I’m going to target any individuals but things get taken the wrong way and there you go.

Although I’m basically still an embryo in this blogging thing, I’m enjoying it and I’m glad I decided to try it. I’ve read a lot of thoughtful  posts and commented back & forth with some very interesting people. Blogs are a voice and a lot of people are speaking.