DP- Colorful


Color brings me joy and wonderment. I have been in awe of color so many times I can’t count them all.

My mother-in-law does not seem to care for color. By that I mean a variety or a gathering of multiple colors. She leans towards brown, grey, black. I know these are colors too, but there are sooo many more to enjoy! I’m into the whole spectrum. She’s said on several occasions that I’m like her dad, I like color. The way she said it seemed like a slight, but whatever. I do not care. I don’t understand how someone would not like color.

How many sunsets have I seen that were literally a gift to my eyes from Heaven? They are a grand thing to enjoy for free. This is from my front yard.


It’s the same with flowers. I’ve confessed my obsession with iris’. (Hey, don’t judge me.) There are so many varieties, with so many color combinations it’s astounding. I’m so sad that I don’t have any flowers in my yard right now.  This fabulous example is called “High Emotion”.


Plants can be colorful too without the flowers. These Coleus’ don’t need flowers. I came across these beauties at Powell Gardens in Missouri.



There are so many beautiful colors in fauna, i.e. animals, insects, birds etc.

This super colorful frog was at a butterfly exhibit in Branson, MO.


And here is one of the butterflies. It was magical to walk around with hundreds of butterflies around you.




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