CFFC- Highways

Usually I just take pictures of roads. But I’ve been on a few highways that were beyond spectacular for the fact that the views were beyond spectacular. So I am posting my submission to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge pertaining to freeways, expressways & highways.

Hands down, the most spectacular highway I’ve ever been on is highway 93 in Canada. Going north or south on it literally takes your breath away. It runs through a valley in the Canadian Rockies. I took over 250 pictures the day we traveled south on it from British Columbia to Alberta. This was the view when we topped the hill on the B.C. side. This is Mt. Robson. That’s highway 93 at the bottom.


It makes you feel so small.


Another view of hwy 93 going south through the valley. These scenes always make me think of the pioneers and how they found these routes through the mountains. How difficult it must’ve been with a wagon.


Then later I think about the guys that laid all the pavement for the highway. That couldn’t have been easy either.



For something a bit less dramatic, but still lovely and fascinating in it’s own way: The Talimena National Scenic Byway. It runs east & west between Oklahoma & Arkansas and is especially beautiful in the fall. They have a much better shot on the website from this spot than mine. In my defense, it had just rained and it was November, so not optimum conditions. Still a cool drive.


We’ve been on it several times and this shot is a lot greener.




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