CYW- Silver

Hi Oh Silver! And away!!

Sorry, just had to do that. Ever since I saw that today’s color was silver.

When I saw that the color was silver, I immediately thought of these trees. They were almost sparkling, and they didn’t look like they belonged to this world.


These beauties have a silvery appearance as well.


My poor maple tree a few years ago when we had a major ice storm. Tree limbs would get so heavy with ice they would crack & break. There are a lot of trees around there and you could hear them crack. It was so quiet that a tree cracking sounded like a gunshot going off. The only good thing was that they had a beautiful silvery sparkle to them in the sunlight. The critter there is the tail end of our Doberman with his jacket on.You can barely see the Irish Setter with his jacket on next to the tree trunk .


Of course I have to share some hot rods! They’re way too pretty to leave out.





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