In a land faraway



1.distant; remote:

faraway lands.

2.dreamy, preoccupied:

a faraway look.
I wish I was in a faraway land, with a faraway look. I’ve been some places, some were far away, but still in North America. Hubs has been a lot farther than I have, when he was a kid. His dad worked for the oil industry and his job sent him overseas. Hubs and his mom & sister would follow. He’s been to London, Tehran, Majorca, & Malta. I’ve heard his stories about the last 3 because they stayed there for a longer period of time. He was only in London for a day.
As for me, the farthest I’ve been is Alaska, and that was just in 2011. Alaska was a lot prettier and had a more mild climate than I expected. We went around the beginning of September and it was generally in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s Fahrenheit. Jacket weather.
I’d also never been on a cruise before. I don’t know how to swim so I swore I’d never put myself in a situation again where I’d possibly drown, which included a cruise. In my younger years I’d almost drowned twice. So I had good reason to swear off of water. Ironically, Hubs is a great swimmer and was even a lifeguard, WSI (Water Safety Instructor), and gave swimming lessons in his youth. He tried to teach me, without success, much to his surprise and annoyance. Go figure. But I digress….
This is the Royal Caribbean “Radiance of the Seas” cruise ship docked at Seward, Alaska. All of the local boats in the foreground give some scale to the size of the cruise ship.
I actually enjoyed the cruise and even got on a smaller boat to go whale watching. Typically for me, I was concentrating on getting pictures of critters more than my transportation. Which is a good thing for that excursion I guess. We didn’t see much of the whales, although I did see a tail come up out of the water far from the boat when we were headed back to port. Too far to get a picture unfortunately.
I did get this cute little otter floating along on his back.
And these sea lions lounging around on the rocks.
This momma mountain goat and her baby were a long way away, so the photo is a bit grainy. I need a longer range lens for sure.
I would probably go on a cruise again, and would definitely go to Alaska again. I didn’t even mention seeing Denali (Mount McKinley). That’s another post for another time. 🙂

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