CYW- White

I like white. It’s lovely by itself and it’s also great with colors and makes them pop.

These dragons hang in the ceiling at the WinStar casino which is on the Oklahoma/Texas border. Apparently it’s the world’s largest casino. It IS pretty impressive. These dragons are made up of crystals that sparkle in the light and they’re very large. The casino has areas that represent different parts of the world. The dragons are in the area that represents China.


Some white wildflowers with a wasp of some sort.


A glorious white Iris.


A rose.


Some lovely daisies.


This dude. Or dudette. Too hard to tell. Just hanging out on the side of a mountain, by the road. Thanks for that, buddy. I got a bunch of pics of him/her. Looks like he’s smiling for the camera, doesn’t it?? Ha!


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