Risky Weather


It’s risky where I live. Especially this time of year. It’s called Tornado Alley for a reason. There’s a moderate risk for tornadoes tomorrow in fact. Bigger risk for baseball sized hail. And 70mph wind. Yay.

Does that mean that my house will get hit with all three? I certainly hope not. I’d rather have just the rain. But the risk is still there.

People who don’t live here really don’t understand the nature of tornadoes. And I don’t expect them to since they haven’t had to live with that aspect of Mother Nature. I’m sure there are other aspects that they do have to live with though. Every place has it’s natural nemesis: hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, etc.

Anyway, back to understanding tornadoes. People say “How can you live there with all of those tornadoes?”  We have a lot of tornadoes, but it’s not like it’s a blanket of them. Every one recorded is not severe and causing damage. Even a severe one can go by and hit one building and leave the one next to it virtually untouched. The really bad ones literally scour the ground in their path, leaving nothing intact. They are truly brutal in their devastation and it’s horrifying.  However, again, a house a couple of blocks away could be fine or with only minimal damage.

We also have the best meteorologists in the world. They’ve been telling us about the risk tomorrow for the past week. They’ll also be updating and have notifications on TV like an icon of the state in the corner with radar so you know what’s going on in real time.

Almost everyone has a storm shelter or safe room just in case. We get bug-out bags ready that have supplies that we might need if we do get hit by a tornado: weather radio, flashlights, water, extra clothes. Stuff like that.

The risk is there, but we are used to it and try to be as prepared as possible. It’s always better to be prepared.


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