DP- Curve


I don’t like sharp edges, corners. I seem to find them with my body and the result is not good for me. You’d think I was a zombie or something the way I run into things. I see them as harsh and rigid. A curve however, to me anyway, seems much more friendly and has a sort of artistic flow to it.

As I sit here in my house, I see many, many corners. They’re inevitable, but I tried to get rounded corners when I could. Like particularly on the counters, for my own well-being. The front door has a bunch of curls and curves in the design that was much more pleasing to me than the others.

I love curves in a road. Especially when I’ve never been on that road before. What’s around the bend? I’ve taken numerous pictures of roads with curves for that very purpose. There’s a mystery there. Hubs likes roads with curves because it’s a challenge for him, like a skill test or something. It’s not like we have a sports car or anything so going very fast isn’t a good call because the car can only deal with so much. Curvy roads are so much more fun that just a boring straight-away. heckman17


Curves in life are just part of the pathway I guess. Some take you to good places, some take you to bad. But you keep going and get past the bad places. Sometimes you can linger in the good places, which is great. Sometimes if you keep going, the good places get even better. You just can’t always tell what’s around the curve.





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