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May 2016

Epitome of Comeuppance

Do you ever have one of those deals where whenever you hear a certain word it reminds you of a certain time or person or event? I've just recently had one implanted into my brain with "epitome". It wasn't planned... Continue Reading →

Phase Out, Phase In

"Phase", not to be confused with "faze", which I almost did. I saved myself by making sure on Yeah, I have it on speed-click. If I'm unsure about a word's meaning, or a spelling that's where I go. So... Continue Reading →


We've been to Canada a few times. British Columbia and Alberta to be exact.  I've enjoyed every visit and would probably go back if I had the chance. These pictures are from our first visit which was in '06. We... Continue Reading →

DP-The Sweet South

South Ah! The South! I love it. I guess, technically Oklahoma is in the South although it's almost smack-dab (Southern term meaning "exactly" or "right there") in the center just below Kansas which IS smack-dab in the center of the U.S.... Continue Reading →


Buddy The Daily Prompt is "Buddy". What does that mean to me? Well, if you've read some of my posts, you may have realized that I'm not much of a "people person". I'm an introvert and don't crave socialization. Where... Continue Reading →


Underestimate To underestimate me is a mistake. I'll use it to my advantage every time. If you dismiss me as stupid or unaware, it will be your surprise when you find out otherwise. A most likely unpleasant surprise at that,... Continue Reading →

DP- Generation

Generation I thought about ancestral generations and really couldn't go anywhere with it. I don't feel like talking about my family past or present, today. Instead I'm going with the generation of power. Specifically: wind power. See, we live on... Continue Reading →

WPC- Earth

Earth Earth. Home. The wonders of our world are boundless. I've seen a minute fraction and am continuously in awe. From the extraordinary skies: to the water: to the flora: and the fauna: to the formations of the Earth itself:... Continue Reading →

Fricking Obstacles

Discover Challenge: Obstacles Yeah, I'm a little late to this one because of obstacles. There are so many that I feel like I'm in a house of mirrors. Obstacles not just for this challenge, but for almost all of the things... Continue Reading →

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