Music in the Mind


Is there anyone who doesn’t like music of some sort or another? And, isn’t it odd that we are attracted to certain types of music but can’t stand other types? What’s up with that?  And what about when a song brings back a memory from the past?

Music is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Music is all about how it makes us feel. There are some songs that I can’t help but move to, whether it’s tapping my foot or hand or doing a little dance while I’m cleaning house. What is it that causes that?

There are songs that get stuck in my head. Some good, some I have to find a way to get rid of. The tactic is to replace the offending song with another one that I like. Why do songs get stuck in your head? Man, I hate it when some crappy jingle gets stuck in there. Out with you Crappy Jingle!

There are songs that remind me of a certain time, or certain event. Some I can’t listen to ever again because the emotion is so strong. Like the songs I was listening to when my mom was dying of cancer. As soon as one comes on, it instantly takes me back to that time and I have to change the channel. It’s been 14 years and it still happens. There are songs that remind me of when I was in high school, which was even longer ago.Some songs remind me of when I was dating my husband, and those are good songs.

Music is definitely an emotional trigger, both good and bad. But what is it about a certain type of music that we don’t like? I like several genres of music. There are all kinds on my music list. I’m not a fan of the head-banging, heavy metal music where in my opinion, all they do is scream. My son used to listen to that a lot, but I think he’s growing tired of it now. I don’t feel that it’s musical at all. But it appeals to other people who think it is.

I’ve always preferred instrumentals over singers for some reason. I’m a big fan of phenomenal guitar work. People like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana and a duo that I found a few years ago that are incredible. Rodrigo y Gabriela  The music that these two people can make on acoustic guitars is unreal. They’ve helped me clean my house many times. 🙂


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