Fricking Obstacles

Discover Challenge: Obstacles

Yeah, I’m a little late to this one because of obstacles. There are so many that I feel like I’m in a house of mirrors. Obstacles not just for this challenge, but for almost all of the things I want to do because of the things I have to do. I’m so frustrated and stressed out it’s becoming overwhelming.

Obstacle. Work around it, find a way. Get the task done because it has to be done. Found a way around it. Oops! Another obstacle. Oh, I have to do this  before I can get to the task. Great. Tasks are piling up all over the place. Time is limited. For the love of God, why am I sitting here blogging? Escapism. Because I don’t know how to slog through it all. “Take one step at a time.” they say. Yeah, sure, like I didn’t know that and haven’t tried that. Take a step. Boom! Wall! You can’t do that task because the thing that you need is broken or lost and you have to either spend the next hour looking for it or fixing it before you even get to the task you initially started to tackle. Ok. Now I’m getting pissed off. Which for me means to be even more determined to get this crap done. But that takes a lot of energy which I don’t have as much as I used to these days. But I’ll use what I have just because I refuse to be defeated by fricking obstacles. Do I usually win? Yes, but not without an epic battle with the obstacles. It’s never easy. And after so many, I don’t really feel the victory so much.

I paint. Not so much flatwork, although I have done some decorative painting in the past. The last 15 years or so it’s been objects and more recently furniture. I haven’t been able to paint for the past year to be exact. Too many obstacles. For example: even last May when I decided come hell or high water, I was going to paint the door for my pantry, there actually was high water. It rained almost every day that month and I needed to get it done so the builder could install it. This was an 8 foot door, and I had no room in the garage to set it up. It had to be done outside. Yay. This was the door for my pantry in the new house so it was important to me. I wanted it to look a certain way, so there was a process that took a fair amount of time. On the few days that didn’t rain, I’d drag out the ladder and the scaffold and the door and the paint and go to work. Then I’d have to put the door and the paint back in the garage so they wouldn’t get wet. The ladder & scaffold could get wet. I didn’t care.

Oh. This photo isn’t suppose to be turned this way. I changed it in my photo editor but for some reason it turned to the right when I saved it and uploaded it. Why? Obstacle! Something that has to be fixed. WTF.


Anyway, I finally got the door finished. This photo is of the beginning. I’m leery of uploading another photo of the door since I haven’t gone & gotten around the obstacle of the photo orientation changing to being wrong when I save it. It might show up upside down. Once I get around to tackling that obstacle, I’ll write a post about how to paint a door to look aged & distressed. Wait. Am I talking about the door or myself? It fits both ways.

I’d really like to just sit here and type all day. But those tasks… they’re still piling up. And that doesn’t count all of the sub-tasks i.e. obstacles that come with them that have to be done before I can get to the main tasks. You know what I mean.




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