DP- Generation


I thought about ancestral generations and really couldn’t go anywhere with it. I don’t feel like talking about my family past or present, today. Instead I’m going with the generation of power. Specifically: wind power.

See, we live on a hill. In Oklahoma. A hill where the only trees are the ones we’ve planted in the past few months. To put it mildly, the wind is completely insane. Like batshit crazy. Like Norman Bates batshit crazy. It bends trees to where they grow leaning to the north. (I should get a picture of one some time to show you.) I fear for my pine trees and my smoke bush. It makes the chimney cap rumble like thunder. (Although, frankly I’m thinking they did a crappy job on the chimney cap. It shouldn’t make that much noise.)

Hubs got me a beautiful whirlygig for Mother’s Day. A big metal one that looks like a flower. The wind was barely blowing (for this area that means 10-15 mph) and the poor whirlygig was spinning so fast you couldn’t see the petals. It would’ve been lethal if it had come off of the stand. Took it two days for one of the caps to come apart. Now it’s laying inside the house in the entryway. I didn’t want that loose cap to mangle the petals. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Hubs says if we put a windmill up, we could generate enough electricity for not only our house, but most likely the rest of the houses down the road. That OG&E would probably end up paying us for electricity. That sounds nice until I think about how much those windmills cost, and not even the giant ones that they have in groups all over the place.

I have a garden spot right next to the house on the south side. I didn’t want to put mulch down because I figured it would just blow all over the place and be in a pile up against the house in a few days. So, after putting down the landscape fabric and putting large rocks & bricks on it to keep it from blowing away, I’m putting down small river rock. It’s been a slow go. That stuff is heavy! But it hasn’t blown away  yet. My fingers are crossed that the flowers and bushes that I put in there will survive. The flowers are in pots just in case I need to move them. Which I have a couple times already with the big storms we have here. We’ve been lucky and haven’t gotten the baseball sized hail that some others have reported. Ah… Mother Nature in May.. in Oklahoma. Tornadoes, hail, high winds, massive amounts of rain in a short time. I’m thinking May & June are her PMS months for the year. Oh, and some of April too, if she’s feeling extra peckish.

April 29th, 2016




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    1. 🙂 On one hand, I don’t blame you. On the other- there are multitudes of people that come this time of year JUST to possibly see a tornado, or even a spectacular storm. They sign up and come for a week and go on tours when the weather is bad. Me, I sit in front of the TV watching the weather coverage hoping & praying it’s not coming my way.

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      1. Personally, I love storms, but the idea of a tornado… Not so much. For example, the past couple nights we’ve had some extreme lightning storms, oh my gosh I love it. So beautiful watching the lightning strike against a black sky.

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