To underestimate me is a mistake. I’ll use it to my advantage every time. If you dismiss me as stupid or unaware, it will be your surprise when you find out otherwise. A most likely unpleasant surprise at that, which you will have deserved.

I will allow you to underestimate me because it gives me an advantage. You’re not paying much attention to me because you think I don’t matter. That I don’t have abilities. But I’m not underestimating you. ……..I’m watching you while I quietly go about my business undetected.

I notice the fact that you’ve judged me. That you think because I’m quiet that I must be shy, meek or unintelligent. The fact is, I’d rather observe and learn than talk and be oblivious. I’ve learned about you and your weaknesses. Remember when I said it was a mistake to underestimate me?……… It’s too late for you.


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