DP-The Sweet South


Ah! The South! I love it. I guess, technically Oklahoma is in the South although it’s almost smack-dab (Southern term meaning “exactly” or “right there”) in the center just below Kansas which IS smack-dab in the center of the U.S.  Maybe Oklahoma is South Central?Midwest? I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s South enough that we drink sweet tea like it’s a religion. When we’re driving, we wave at people as we go by one another. Just a hand flip up from the steering wheel, or a couple of fingers (not the  middle one!) will do. We talk in a Southern drawl which means we don’t talk fast. We say “ya’ll” which is short for “you all”. We’re also pretty friendly here in the South. 

I love the southern climate even though we had one year (2012 I believe) that had 100+ degrees every day for two months straight. This picture shows what was a  little on the high end for that year. 111.2 degrees F with 5% humidity outside. We did see some 115’s as well. Inside the house, the air conditioner couldn’t keep up, so it was 81 degrees F.


I’m not too keen on temps like that. I don’t think anyone was. It was a bad year. But, usually the summers aren’t too bad and neither are the winters. Humidity is a factor in the south. It can get pretty thick in the air sometimes. It gets worse the farther south you go though. Like Houston… the humidity feels like a blanket on you. Yuck.

It gets a lovely green here and there are lots of flowers this time of year.

The Talahina Drive in Eastern Oklahoma.
Wild flowers out in the pasture.

Some of them are incredible. This is your common thistle bud.


Here, we get ice storms instead of snow storms. It will rain, or it will be freezing rain that sticks to everything, then freezes solid overnight. Then there will be more freezing rain the next day as the temperatures warm up some. So then there gets to be an inch of ice coating everything. Usually it’s not too bad and melts off the next day. Sometimes, it stays for several days or a week. Like this time:



It’s really beautiful and makes everything sparkle and look like crystals. But the ice gets so heavy on the trees that they break. It sounds like a gunshot going off when a limb breaks. Ice storms like this don’t happen all that often, thankfully.

We also get some of the most magnificent sunsets that I’ve ever seen. They make me feel unworthy to be on this planet sometimes. But I soak up all of their glory anyway. It’s good to live in the South.



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  1. Beautiful pictures. I’ve lived in the south all my life and love it here. But the heat and the humidity can be brutal, especially the humidity. Sometimes just a short walk to the mailbox makes me soaking wet.. The older I get, the more it gets to me.

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