We’ve been to Canada a few times. British Columbia and Alberta to be exact.  I’ve enjoyed every visit and would probably go back if I had the chance. These pictures are from our first visit which was in ’06. We started in the States and crossed the border into Canada.

They have these really cool cross-overs for the animals to go across the highways without the danger of being hit by a vehicle. I think it’s a great idea. I’m not sure it would work here in the States though since we are quite a bit more populated. The fences are really high along the highway, so the animals can only cross on these.



Photo taken through the windshield. Sorry. 
Another view of highway 1. 

We crossed Galena Bay on the ferry. I don’t know what we’d have done if we’d have missed it. There weren’t any other options for quite a distance.



Even though it was July, it was chilly. It was cloudy and looked like a storm could break loose at any time.


This is the Galena Glacier. Again, taking the photo from inside the vehicle. It was too windy, wet and cold for me to be outside for very long.


A closer look at the glacier.


Another shot of the glacier once we got off of the ferry.

This is taken from a different ferry that was on Kootenay Bay. Can you spot the sailboat?


I’ve enlarged the photo to show the sailboat a little better. Even though WP isn’t letting the photo get much bigger. It gives some perspective as to how huge the mountains are. That little white dot on the right is the sailboat.


Some of the lakes are humongous there and are miles across and miles & miles long. Throw in some mountains and it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Kootenay Lake