H2 NO!

Water and I have a precarious love/hate relationship. I'm not a water person. It may stem from the fact that a) I'm a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign and/or b) I almost drowned when I was around 5 years old. Actually, I've almost drowned twice in my lifetime. (I'm not big into astrology. Some... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Oddball Challenge- wk 26

Typical for me, I'm late to the party of challenges. But better late than never, right? Cee's Oddball Photography Challenge looks like fun. I have a bunch of oddball photos so I think  I'll be able to contribute for a while. I'm starting with my group of mushrooms that were growing in the yard. They... Continue Reading →


As a country girl and horsewoman, I can appreciate a nice fence. The practical ones like pipe & cable, field fence, and no-climb are great for keeping large animals where they're suppose to be. Chainlink is great for smaller animals, but big animals like horses & cows will lean on it trying to get to... Continue Reading →

In Awe

I am in awe of so many things. This Earth, Mother Nature, God's Creation. Whatever you want to call it, it is way beyond the scope of humanity. Sure, we're brainy and can do things like grow crops, invent machines that fly and so on. But when you boil all that down, it still up... Continue Reading →

Yes!! Summer!!

This is a prompt I can sink my keyboard into! I LOVE Summer! Gimme a sec. I have to go change the water on the trees, water the plants, make sure nothing's burned up, check the dog's water, fill their doggie pool.... ........................................................... Ok. I'm back. Hahaha! No really, I DO love summer. I love... Continue Reading →

DP-Open or Closed

Open. Open your eyes! Open arms. Open doors. Open heart. Open personality. Open to suggestion. Open to ideas. Ugh. If you're not open does that mean that you're a closed-off, cold-hearted insensitive person? In my case, a b****?  I don't think so. But maybe so. I have a T-shirt that says "I'm confused. Wait, maybe... Continue Reading →

Does a Bear Poop on the Road?

I've been on quite a few adventures. Some were great, some not so great. This one was both. Hubs and I were in Canada. It's a beautiful place, at least the parts we've seen which is British Columbia and the west side of Alberta. Things are much more spread out there, as in towns are much... Continue Reading →

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