Open your eyes! Open arms. Open doors. Open heart. Open personality. Open to suggestion. Open to ideas.

Ugh. If you’re not open does that mean that you’re a closed-off, cold-hearted insensitive person? In my case, a b****?  I don’t think so. But maybe so. I have a T-shirt that says “I’m confused. Wait, maybe I’m not.”

So yeah, I’m confused. Does being open make you vulnerable? I feel that it does. I don’t think extroverts feel that way though. I’ve talked about introverts & extroverts before. I understand extroverts but their method of operation is so foreign to me that I tend to watch them with fascination. How can they be so open?  My sister is a prime example. She loves being around people. She went to college for a marketing degree. If she goes on vacation, she goes to a crowded place, like a big city. Kill. Me. Now.  I’m not kidding. That would be a torture for me.

Some days I’m ok with being around a few people. Not every day. If you drop me into a room with a bunch of people, first off I’ll be pissed. Secondly I’ll close up like a clam shell on the ocean floor. Or a turtle, leaving enough of an opening to observe the surroundings. I know. Seems weird. I’m sure it is to some people. If I’ve prepared myself for being in a crowd, I’ll do my best to make small talk for as long as I can.

If I’m in a room with a bunch of people, I won’t compete for conversation. Put  me in a room with just a couple people and I’m fine. I can give adequate attention to each one. Nobody gets neglected and I don’t get swamped. I don’t have to be fully open and I can keep my space. Everybody gets conversation and is happy.

Anyway, I don’t think everyone has to be open all the time. We do what’s comfortable for us. If you want to be open, that’s great. I think we need both extroverts and introverts. One is not better than the other. They’re just different.