Yes!! Summer!!

This is a prompt I can sink my keyboard into!

I LOVE Summer! Gimme a sec. I have to go change the water on the trees, water the plants, make sure nothing’s burned up, check the dog’s water, fill their doggie pool….


Ok. I’m back. Hahaha! No really, I DO love summer. I love the sunshine, even though it gets brutally hot here. Been in the mid to upper 90’s here this past week and it ‘s only June. I still love the sunshine. Everything is bright and alive. There’s an energy that can’t be described. People are out and about, busy with their lives. They’re happy to get outside, for the most part.

There’s so much to do in the summer. A lot of it is yard work, which for me is ok. You get the satisfaction of seeing a nicely mowed  yard. I’m almost finished with my rock garden and I’m enjoying the satisfaction of making it look how I want. There’s some concern as to how the plants will fare in the heat & sun. But they’re in pots so I can move them to a friendlier place if I have to. I think the cacti will like it there. We’ll see.

I feel more alive in the summertime.  The winter is so dark & dreary. Although I’ll admit we usually have pretty mild winters. Still, it doesn’t compare to the spring & summer. Birds are out and I get to watch them from the windows. We have some bluebirds here at the new place. They are so beautiful. Unfortunately we also have nasty sparrows that kill the baby bluebirds so they can take over their nest. We’re dispatching them as much as we can. We don’t like to, but they’re like gang members that take over and kill the other birds. If they weren’t so aggressive and brutal, we wouldn’t care if they were here and neither would anyone else in the States. It’s open season on house sparrows.

Anyway, it’s fun to watch the birds. The swallows are whizzing around like gliders with jets. We also have some jackrabbits. You don’t see nearly as many jackrabbits around here as in the olden days. So we enjoy them and hope nothing happens to them. Yesterday they were chasing each other around the entrance to the road we live on. They were circling around the bushes & fencing at a high rate of speed. Probably a mating ritual, but it made me smile.

Sometimes they come in the  yard, which would be ok. But I worry about the neighbor’s dogs coming in to get them and then them not being able to escape. So we usually go out and herd them out of the yard so they have more room to run if something tries to get them. They look so different from the bunnies. They move a lot differently than the bunnies do too.


Well, I’d better go get to my chores. Have to go move the water again!



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  1. I can really feel your love of summer through your post. I’d love to see a picture of your rock garden! You’re right about the jackrabbit, it does look quite different from a rabbit. I used to have a pet rabbit, and it looked nothing like the picture. Hope you have a terrific summer, Sprawly!

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