In Awe

I am in awe of so many things. This Earth, Mother Nature, God’s Creation. Whatever you want to call it, it is way beyond the scope of humanity. Sure, we’re brainy and can do things like grow crops, invent machines that fly and so on. But when you boil all that down, it still up to God to give us the water, soil, sunshine to grow the crops and the air to fly in.

Now, I’m not an overly religious person, but I do believe in God. I certainly don’t believe that we are the do-all, be-all of this earth. Ask any farmer. Ask anyone in Tornado Alley, or someone who has been through a hurricane or an earthquake. We are but specks when it comes to Mother Nature.

Anyway, I digress. I have always loved nature. Flowers are a thing of such beauty that they mesmerize me in awe. Something as magnificent as an Iris,


or a rose,


to a common, lowly thistle are incredible in their own way.


Sunsets have always captured my attention. I’ve got big windows in my house just so I can see them. No two are alike. Heck, even just one changes minute by minute. They are fantastic and truly humbling in their greatness.

A sunset in Tampa, FL
A sunset in OK.

And speaking of greatness… mountains. Talk about feeling small and in the presence of greatness! I think about how huge they are, how long they’ve been there and how long they’ll be there after I’m gone. They are the ambassadors of greatness for the earth. I could just sit and bathe in their majesty for hours.

Yep. Some lucky person lives there in Colorado. 
Mt. Robson in BC, Canada

I’m not a water person, but I can definitely appreciate it’s beauty. Waterfalls have a grace and elegance to them that is hard to beat.

British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia, Canada

I haven’t even gotten to the people that I am in awe of, but that could be a post all on its own so I’ll leave it for another day.

I’ll leave you with this photo of an awesome cloud that I was fortunate enough to see. Yeah, I wish the power lines weren’t there. I guess I could edit them out, eventually.

Oklahoma sky.




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  1. Wow those pictures are absolutely amazing. I agree with you, I love just looking and staring in awe. I love sunsets, mountains, waterfalls and my favourite type of flower are Marigolds. They’re just so beautiful. This was an amazing post that helps us to appreciate natural beauty, not only man-made beauty.

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