As a country girl and horsewoman, I can appreciate a nice fence. The practical ones like pipe & cable, field fence, and no-climb are great for keeping large animals where they’re suppose to be.

Chainlink is great for smaller animals, but big animals like horses & cows will lean on it trying to get to the grass on the other side and will push it over. No-climb works for smaller animals, i.e. dogs as well. You have to put something at the top like heavy-duty pipe or barbed wire for horses & cows though. Same with field fence.

I’ve seen some beautiful fence that’s only that- beautiful. Not practical for keeping anything in, or out. I’ve gotten into a habit of judging a fence on the basis of whether or not my smallest Schnauzer could get through it. She basically turns into water and can get through the tiniest gap. I don’t know how many times she’s gotten through the fence and found me down at the barn. Which is a bad thing since she’s so little.

The only way I could find out how she got out would be to get her to reenact the deed. I’d just call her and boom! she’d go right to the spot where she found a way out. Sometimes squeezing between the gate & fence. You see the little gap at the bottom corners of this gate? She would squiggle through that within seconds after my back was turned, and it was an even smaller gap than the one in the picture. It was amazing.

Fences are great for their purpose. I was SO glad to get our yard fenced. We lived in the country and the dogs would take off on adventures and not come back all day. This, frankly, freaked me out. We had a Labrador Retriever and a Doberman at the time. I would imagine all sorts of things happening to them. So I would go out looking for them. There’s a huge lake behind the house with acres & acres of land. Of all the times I went looking for them, I never did find them. They’d come back eventually all happy & tired from their adventures. One day the Doberman didn’t come back though. I’m still heartbroken about it. I figure someone came across her and kept her, although she had a collar with a vet’s tag. *sigh* That’s my thought and I’m sticking to it.

We have chainlink all around our new house now. There’s no way I want my Mini Schnauzers to roam this area. I never wanted ANY of my dogs to roam anyway, ever. I’m a firm believer that people should have a fenced yard for their dogs. I know you can’t do that in the big cities, but here in the wide open spaces it should be SOP. If you care about your dogs you should want to keep them from harm.


When we were building this house the neighbors’ dogs would come and take a dump inside the frame. On the lumber, on the fiberglass insulation, on the drywall stacked on the floor. I mean, really, why ON things? Really ticked me off. Then when they couldn’t get into the house anymore, they’d do it on the porch. We have the front yard fenced, but no gate, so they’d just traipse in and dump right on the porch. I get it. They’re dogs, it’s been their territory for a while before we started building. BUT- their owners should keep them contained. For the record, they’ve been doing better about that. Especially when one of the dogs was threatening me, on MY property a few months ago.

Anyway, that’s my take on fences.



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