COB- wk 29

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge- week 29

Well, boy howdy, it seems I can’t keep up with anything these days. I missed week 28 of the COB challenge. Now I’m trying to catch up with week 29.

I did finally find some stuff that might be sort of interesting. This is literally, a wall of money. It’s one million dollars behind glass, along a wall in a casino in Louisiana. Real money. Yeah, unbelievable on so many levels.




Don’t get me started on casinos. I’m not a fan, although Hubs is. He does win sometimes. Me, I can lose $20 in as many minutes playing the penny slot machine. Every single time. In fact, in order for him to win anything, I leave the area so as not to taint his luck. Serious as a heart attack folks. If I stand and watch him play (boring as all get out I might add), because my $20 is gone, he will begin to lose. So I wander around the casino seeing the sights, of which there are many and varied.

There’s another casino (I’ve endured a few) that is on the border of Oklahoma and Texas. I’ve been by it countless times on our way to Texas. It started out as basically a tent and now it’s reportedly the biggest casino in the world. It has an international theme with the outside facade being famous buildings from around the world. Inside areas are themed after various parts of the world. These dragons hang from the ceilings in the China area. They are covered in crystals and very beautiful. Sorry the pics are not too great. I’d stop in and get better photos but that would mean I’d have to endure the casino again. Blech! —Although, they do have an incredible Italian restaurant there….




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