Photo File Chaos

I really hate that I can’t seem to keep up with all of the fun challenges & prompts on WP that I want to participate in. I would love to be able to spend more time writing, but it seems like other things get in the way and I have to deal with them. Or else it’s my own distraction that takes over. ……Squirrel!!!

Like finding photos. It’s like getting lost in the suburbs when you’re trying to find somebody’s house.

What happens is I look through my photos, in search of the right one for the subject in my mind. True to form, I get distracted by how disorganized my photos are and then I start organizing them into their respective folders and forget to blog. Kripes. It’s a humongous job considering I have over 28,000 files in 609 folders and 13.8 GB in my photo folder-on my laptop. (I had to look.) Without a doubt there are duplicates. So I have to figure out if they’re duplicates and where the others are. I’m sure there’s some easy way to do it. Son says to use a program, but then I’m thinking I’ll have to learn how to use the program and that would take forever. Probably not as long as it’s taken me to work on organizing the hoard… hours, days, weeks. In reality I’ve been working on it off & on for years.

Alrighty then, what about the ones on the external hard drive that I’ve saved them to from the desktop? Are they here on the laptop as well? Or just on the HD? If I put them all together on the laptop is that going to double, triple or quadruple the duplicates? (head explodes)

I’ve lost a number of photos before because I didn’t back them up immediately. The computer committed suicide and took my pics with it. Never to be seen again, with only a faint memory of “I know I took a photo of such-n-such. Where could it be?” The struggle is real, people. The struggle is real.

PS- I don’t think I’m going to put a photo with this post. See paragraph 3. 🙂



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