COB- Week 30

I like toads. I think they’re cute and besides, they eat insects. A lot. They don’t harm anything. Well, unless they burrow into your potted plants. Then it’s a bother. Which is what they were doing at my house. So, I made a toad house for them so they’d stay out of my plants. It worked. They buried into the soil that I put out for them, kept cool and kept our of my flowers. Win/Win for everybody!


Here are some baby toads. They’re too cute. Son was helping to show them off.






Cee’s Oddball Challenge- Week 30


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      1. Ha.. A comadre is someone who takes on a motherly role in addition to the mother in Mexican culture. For a girl’s 15th birthday, there may be a number of comadres–one might buy the cake, another the dress, etc. Kind of like a godmother.

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