Macro Moments- Wk 16

For Susan's Macro Moments Challenge Week 16 It was nice of this little bug to sit still long enough for me to get his photo. Canon EOS Rebel T4i F-stop: f/6.3 Exposure time: 1/640 ISO:  1600 Exposure bias: -0.3 step Focal length: 100mm    


JNW's Halloween Challenge: Creature I initially was going to use my photo of Gollum from the wax museum in this post. But then I realized that he was the perfect example of "transmogrify" which is the theme for the weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post. So I searched through the pile of photos and... Continue Reading →

WPC- Transmogrify

Transmogrify to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform. What an interesting word. I'd never heard it or read it before, so I've learned something new! I was going to use Gollum from Lord of the Rings in another post about Halloween. I sort of did anyway, but I thought he was the... Continue Reading →

Houses and/or Barns

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge  for this week is Houses and/or Barns. Here are my contributions. I hope there aren't too many photos, but it's hard to pick just a few! I'll start with Castle Post. This is in Versailles, Kentucky. I've never been inside, but I've seen the photos on the website. Apparently they've turned... Continue Reading →

It’s a Problem

Ok folks. I'm going to talk about a problem that we all have. You know you have it, so don't try to deny it. It's ok to talk about it. Here goes.... I'm throwin' it out there. I'm talking about flies in the house in the fall. You know it's an issue. A big one.... Continue Reading →


It's late and I'm going to try to write this on my iPad. It seems like I can never get a complete thought until it's late at night. Then I have way too many thoughts and I can't sleep. Anyhow, I hope this turns out. Being a total  dweeb, I forgot to put a title... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments: wk 15

MM-wk 15  This week the subject is Fall. I guess everyone is getting that vibe of the season change. The bulk of my macro shots are of flowers, so I'll be going with that. Here is my entry, a marigold.

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