CWW- 10/12/16

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge, I’ve found a few more photos to share.

This first one is of a 4-wheeler trail that we’d just climbed with our ATV’s. It’s pretty steep and rocky. This particular area is near the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma. I think it’s around 2700 acres. We got lost in that vastness, but that’s another story. I LOVE riding the ATV’s. It’s more fun than I should be allowed.


Another view of the vast ATV trails. You can see some of them on the hills in the background.

Is this Oklahoma? Why yes, yes it is. Does it look ANYTHING like Oklahoma? No. No it does not. This is out at the Great Salt Plains in north central OK. I never knew it was there and I’ve lived here all of my life. Bizarre is the word that comes to mind.


In sticking with the roads/paths in Oklahoma, I present the Talimena Drive. I wrote about this drive in my post about trees. DP- Trees  I’m hoping to get back over there for this year’s turning of the trees.


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  1. Loved seeing the great salt plains again..we were just out there digging like madmen for crystals a few weeks ago. And the Arbuckles look like a wonderful place to go camping. Thanks for these!

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    1. It’s fun digging for the crystals isn’t it? There are parts of the Arbuckles that are great for camping. A lot is not, due to the rock being shoved up on its edges vertically millions of years ago. Turner Falls is quite lovely when its flowing though.

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