JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Creature

I initially was going to use my photo of Gollum from the wax museum in this post. But then I realized that he was the perfect example of “transmogrify” which is the theme for the weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post.


So I searched through the pile of photos and found a few others to use for this  post. Although they’re not as scary/creepy as Gollum, I think they’ll do.

If this praying mantis isn’t a creature, I don’t know what is. I find them fascinating and totally creepy at the same time.


A female mountain goat. Basically harmless, unless they decide to knock you into next week. But those eyes… watertonmtgt10

Ok. I have no idea what this creature is. We spotted it going down a road in Canada. Too big for a weasel. Doesn’t seem like the right size or color for a fox. It looks like it could be in the fox family though. Does anyone know what this thing is? For now, it’s just labeled a varmit. Which in southern slang loosely means “creature”.


Then this deer, who was probably the subject of the photo. This was one of those photos-on-the-fly deals where you catch a glimpse of something going down the road and do an instant snap hoping to capture it.  I kind of like how it seems he is lurking in the back of the photo. Like a Bigfoot sighting.



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