I absolutely LOVE them! I'm talking about the physical paper books, not the digital ones. Although, I've read a few of the digital ones and they're easier at night just because of the light issue. But the paper ones...ah! The smell of the printed page is all its own. I remember being in grade school... Continue Reading →

CWW-November 23,2016

Cee's Which Way Challenge- 11/23/16 This beautiful little jewel is called Heckman Pass. It's in British Columbia, Canada and it's one of only 3 ways to get to Bella Coola, BC.  The other two are either a plane or a 12 hour boat ride. It's a pretty cool road, but a little scary. It's very... Continue Reading →

MMC- Wk 19

Macro Moments Challenge The theme this week is Broaden Your Scope.  It's an interesting theme and I remembered some photos that I took with my macro lens that weren't right on top of the subject, but had some distance to them. I had to hunt and check the info on them but I did find this... Continue Reading →

COB: wk 46

Cee's Oddball Challenge: week 46 These sculptures were in a town in Colorado. I can't remember which town though. I love dragons and thought this one with the knight was pretty cool.


Noun: 2. a person or thing that applies or administers punishment or severe criticism. 3. a cause of affliction or calamity I guess this could be my PSA (Public Service Announcement). This post is about Foxtails, aka grass awns, aka SCOURGE OF THE EARTH! They can kill your dog. No joke. If you don't know about foxtails/... Continue Reading →

COB: wk 45

Cee's Oddball Challenge Ok. So this one is odd, I know. But I wanted to share it for enlightening purposes. I was so surprised to find out that all was not as it seemed with this product. I bought this car air freshener that is made to look like a candle. I noticed something odd... Continue Reading →

Quote 2

"Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by him.” ~Epictetus~   I have used this one extensively. I feel that this goes for any emotion. I feel that if someone manipulates you through your emotions, you are their puppet. Speaking from... Continue Reading →

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