COB-wk 44

Cee’s  Oddball Challenge: Wk 44

I’m trying to keep up. I don’t know how you guys do it. 😉

This is my entry for the challenge this week. It’s a therapy chair that I had to use when I had shoulder surgery. I had torn my labrum (spelling?) from 2-6, which if you’re looking at a clock, is more than a quarter of the way. Doctor said it was impressive several times. It was not my goal to impress him. Anyway, after a month or so in a sling, I got to sit in this chair and strap my arm in and it would move my arm up and down and left & right for me. Verrry slowly. I would change the range of direction every week or so. I was suppose to sit in it at least 3  hours a day. Yuck.

The good part was that it was at home and I didn’t have to have a person move my arm for me. That came in physical therapy after I was done with the chair.

I took a picture of the chair as a memento of that time.



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