Resilient and Determined

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Resilient

Resilient and determined. They go well together. Although the topic is Resilient, this tree is also determined.

It’s resilient enough to grow through this rock from just a sprout to a full-sized tree. It’s also determined enough to keep growing. It couldn’t have been easy for the tree. This didn’t happen in a year. It was resilient enough to withstand cold, cold winters and the pressures of the rock. Now it is a triumphant tree.


I think I must be resilient. This was my hair a couple of years ago. Last year, it was to my waist.


Then last year, I was diagnosed with cancer and I lost all of it. Well, I had it cut as short as possible, and donated it. I wasn’t going to let the cancer take it all. It did take all that was left.


But I made it through and my hair is coming back. It’s not the same, and neither am I.  It will never get as long as it was, and that’s ok. I’m happy to be here, to have another Christmas and New Year and to be with my family. Resilient is good.

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