Cee's Which Way Challenge- 1/25/17 Hold onto your seats folks, I'm going urban! I know, I know, it's  highly unusual for me to have photos of buildings and cities. But it does happen occasionally. This was a  business trip to Houston, Texas. I don't remember where or what hotel this was. It was a nice... Continue Reading →

COB- 1/22/17

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 1/22/17 I came across these photos while looking for another photo and thought they would be interesting for the COB. We were driving up Mt. Evans in Colorado and had a bag of chips in the back. They were perfectly normal when we started out. As we got higher and higher in... Continue Reading →

Movie Horses

Ok. This is a spinoff from a challenge that I've been participating in called Color Your World from Jennifer Nichole Wells. It's a ton of fun! Anyway, one of the colors was called Tumbleweed and that name always reminds me of the 1953 movie by the same name. I wrote about it in my submission for... Continue Reading →

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