Powell Gardens

Hubs and I sort of stumbled upon Powell Gardens in June of 2014.

Powell Gardens, Kingsville, Missouri

It’s a beautiful place, just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but here are some….

One of two pots with a gorgeous Bromeliad at the entrance of the building. 

Variegated Giant Reed. Gorgeous!

This incredible variegated Giant Reed. Surprisingly, a lot of the plants in this garden came from a nursery that is local to me. I asked them about the reed, because I was interested in putting one in the yard. She told me it was a bad idea because they are very invasive and hard to keep in one spot. So I passed on the idea.


There are a lot of statues there. I love them.


You can see the island garden in the background of this photo.
Such cute bear statues. Plus you can see the bridge that goes over to the island garden.
A view of the island garden from across the lake. You can see the living wall on either side of the arbor. 
A view of the chapel from across the lake. There have been many weddings here, and I can see why. 

The flowers are spectacular…



This was the bluest flower I’ve ever seen. I’d say sorry for the crappy iPhone photo, but it’s probably my fault & not the phone’s.

Did I mention the oh-so-cool statues?

This statue is glorious.


A giant barrel cactus. I can only imagine what it looks like when it blooms.

The following are what I believe are Coleus. They were in the greenhouse part of the building.



One of my favorites!
This one too! Oh heck, who am I kidding? I love them all!



This concludes my little tour.  I hope you enjoyed the short visit.

I hope to go back again and see even more flowers in bloom!


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