I don’t want this to be a gripe session, but there are a few things that irritate the crap outa me. I feel the need to purge my irritation, so I guess there’s no other way around it. Both of these peeves have to do with people who are way too self absorbed. A warning-there will be strong language associated with this rant.  In no particular order:

“Celebrities/famous people”- who the hell fell off a cliff & made you so important? I mean, really. How many people voted for you to get up to a microphone and spew your political views anywhere and everywhere? I really don’t want to be railed at by someone who lives in a bajillion square foot house behind a huge wall (irony anyone?), is chauffeured everywhere they go and has security protection all the time. You live in a gilded bubble. How could you even remotely relate to me enough to know what my life is like? What authority do you have to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing or that my political views are wrong just because you disagree with them? Plus, the TV program you’re doing it on has nothing to do with politics and I’m sick of you inserting your political b.s. into any small crack you can find, ad nauseam, just so you can get attention. If you want to voice your political views, fine. Get on a show about politics and spew away. Don’t interrupt my regularly scheduled program by getting on it and launching a sneak attack with your crap where it doesn’t belong. Every microphone is not a pulpit for you. Spare me.

There was something that I saw recently that just made my blood boil. A certain actress, whom I won’t name because I don’t want to give her any attention, decided to apologize for our country on our behalf when she was on a TV show in another country. F.U. bitch. You don’t speak for me and what audacity to believe you do. You think you are so freaking important that you can speak for all of us and apologize for OUR COUNTRY because you disagree politically? If you are so ashamed of this country then get the f. out and don’t come back. You’re certainly not ashamed to take the millions of dollars that you make off of us. Believe me, you won’t be getting any more of my money, if you ever did.

Another thing that peeves me is when people don’t merge when they’re suppose to. There’s road construction (and it’s everywhere around here) and the street/highway is narrowed down to one lane. You’re suppose to merge at a certain point. There’s a reason for this: to keep traffic moving. But there are those self-important a-holes that pass everyone who HAVE merged, and run up to the bottleneck and then force their way into the lane. Because, hey, they are so much more important than anyone else and they shouldn’t have to wait in line to get through the construction. It’s fine that they cause traffic to back up even more. Who cares? They’ve already passed all the schmucks in line. Cops should put out a spike strip in the closed lane after the sign that says “state law- merge now” for those jerks that pass everyone. Nothing would be more satisfying than to see their tires blown out and their cars in the ditch.

I’ve seen people go down the right side of the highway on the shoulder rather than get in line. I’ve even had someone clip our vehicle because they were shoving their way in at the last minute. Called the highway patrol on that one.

I heard a story from a reliable source about a guy who was in traffic backed up on a highway. He was in the passenger seat and saw a car coming up on the right of the line, in the shoulder. Apparently they were going fairly fast because he opened his car door (on purpose) and they ran into it, took it off and went into the ditch. It wasn’t a deep ditch and they weren’t going fast enough to get hurt. They got a rude awakening. The guy in the doorless car had pretty deep pockets so he didn’t care if he had to get his car fixed. If memory serves, I think it was his assistant’s car and he just bought them a new one.  He might’ve had a lot of money, but he wasn’t so self absorbed that he was passing everyone illegally just because he didn’t want to wait in line. Anyway, it’s a good lesson as to why it’s so dangerous for people to drive down the shoulder past people stopped in traffic. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that gets peeved by those jerks. That dude is my stopped-in-construction-traffic hero. Here endeth the rant.

This photo is for illustration. The highway was blocked off past this intersection because of the huge fire. People were bailing off on the side to take the intersection. I get it. I don’t fault them for that, especially when a) they’re so close to the intersection and b) the road ahead is completely closed. I don’t even fault people behind us, 20 cars back from bailing off onto the shoulder to get to the intersection, or turning around, as long as they go slow. You never know who is going to decide to do the same thing right in front of you. We bailed off onto the shoulder ourselves that day. It was our regular turn-off to go to a relative’s house, and we wanted to see if they were ok. We found out the fire was about 2 miles from them and they were ok. That fire was massive and super scary.

road block at 84th & hwy 9

With this one, there was a vehicle on fire way up ahead. We didn’t know if it was down to one lane or if the highway was completely closed. Turned out that we inched our way along until we got to an exit and like a lot of people, took a detour around.




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  1. You’re not alone with the road rants. I see a lot of sketchy shit when I take I-15 (rarely any more) and the other day there was a bad car accident (van rolled or flipped or something and was almost literally in two pieces) and there were people jumping lane to lane to try to hurry around it (although the cops had shut down 3 of 4 lanes). Dangerous and stupid. I’ve seen people who are waiting their turn in line because of such a thing pull to the extreme right (without losing their own place) and block the assholes trying to run down the strip that way. I’ve even done it. Got flipped the bird, and screamed at, but unless the person in the other car has wicked diarrhea, I’m not too sympathetic. And who was the actress? I’m curious simply because like you, I’d boycott her if I knew who she was…(you could put initials only? ) Or I could get off my fat and Google it. There has to be media coverage about that because apparently the media has no real news to report any more and just does sound bytes for stupid and moronically stupid people..

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