COB- 3/12/17

Cee’s Oddball Challenge- 3/12/17

This was taken in Canada. It was hilarious to me that they called this a “Texas gate”. In Texas, and here in Oklahoma, as well as most of the area, we call them cattle guards. Essentially it’s a trench dug across the road with a number of round pipe suspended parallel across it. The pipe is spaced several inches apart. Hoofed animals like horses, cows, sheep won’t cross it, and can’t even if they tried. They’re generally too wide to jump across. This way, vehicles can cross fence lines without having to use a gate.

One of the reasons this works is because horses especially, and cows to some degree, are flight animals and a) extremely cagey about anything that might trap their feet and b) have very limited depth perception of things on the ground. So they’re worried about the “thing” on the ground trapping them and when they see it, it looks like a deep pit.



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