CYW 3 +1

I’m catching up on the 3 I’m behind on and jumping ahead by one. So maybe in my world, I’ll be caught up! 🙂

Shocking Pink   This color and the next are so close that I had to compare them.  In a RGB color space, hex #fb7efd is composed of 98.4% red, 49.4% green and 99.2% blue.

Weird that this one has about 4% more green in it!


Pink Flamingo   In a RGB color space, hex #fc74fd (also known as Pink Flamingo) is composed of 98.8% red, 45.5% green and 99.2% blue.




These are pansies. I always get pansies and petunias mixed up for some reason.


Hot Magenta  This color is so bright, it’s hard to look at!


Purple Pizzazz    Although the hex# was wrong on the chart, I found the color swatch. Yay!



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