Anyone who has Miniature Schnauzers can probably relate to this. Possibly anyone with a dog. I never really had this problem with the big dogs, but every Mini Schnauzer I’ve ever had has had an aversion to rain. And that’s putting it mildly.


It’s more like they think it’s acid from the sky and will dissolve them into nothingness if they get wet. Like yesterday. I let them back in yesterday morning when it started to rain. After about 4 hours of being in the house, it was potty time. I picked a time when it had stopped raining for a bit and let them out. All well and good. No acid from the sky. Until 30 minutes later, then it’s everybody come to the door and give me “the look”. One of them even did the fake shivering. Like it’s cold. Which it’s not. How do I know it’s fake? Because she can do it on a whim, even if it’s 70 degrees outside, with no reason. She’s perfectly healthy, so no worries there. She’s figured it out. If she shivers, I’ll let her in. One of my jobs around here is door man.

An old photo. 


Fast forward to bedtime. They’ve been in the house all day because, well, it’s been raining. It’s imperative that they go out and potty because it’s the last chance of the day. It’s dark out.  They go out thinking all is grand. The porch is covered and dry, but there’s a wet line beyond that. That they WILL NOT cross. Nope. No way. No how. I use my stern voice. I shoo them towards “the line”. They scatter like sheep. I feel like a Border Collie, or a cutting  horse, dodging and cutting them off when they try to zip past me back to the door, or the ultimate sanctuary- the dog house. Once one is in the dog house, there’s no coming out, unless I open the door to the house. Then all you see is a blur going through the doorway. Schnauzers at the speed of light. Film at 11.

This does not work for me. I’ve been here before, many times. I’m calculating how long it’s been since they went and peed last. Could they make it till morning? Not very likely. Do I want to clean up puddles? Not very likely. Crap. If I could get one of them to go out in the rain, before they got to the dog house of course, maybe the other two would follow. It’s worked before. Not this time, fool. Really? It’s not even scary. There’s no thunder or lightning. I could be more understanding if there were.

Not the culprit. 

Frick. There’s only two choices at this point. Let them back in and hope they have bladders the size of Dallas, (not prudent ) or… take them out to the yard myself. Frick. (And that’s not the only word I’m saying to myself. ) I’m not all that keen about getting wet either. But at least I’ve learned not to take my shower before putting the dogs up.

I pick up She That Shivers because she’s pretty wily about these things. If she sees me take one of the other girls out into the rain, it’s game over. So she’s first. Luckily the other two follow.

See girls? It’s not so bad. Just rain. No acid. Beautiful, soft, …. freezing rain running down the back of my neck, dripping from my hair into my face.  Once out there, they’ll stay and do their business…as long as I’m out there with them. If I leave for the porch, so do they.

Mini Schnauzers are too smart for my own good.

Again, not the culprits. These pups are innocent of any wrongdoing, EVER! 🙂