CWW- April 7,2017

Cee’s Which Way- April 7, 2017

Well, this one is a bit different for me. There are no roads, no signs, no visible paths in these photos. But, they illustrate some extremely important decisions on which way to go. Life & death decisions. Some rock climbers are positioned up on this sheer cliff wall. The wall is so massive that I had to put arrows to  point out the climbers. They had made their individual “camps” up there. I don’t know how long they’d been up there. This is in Zion Park.


A close-up of the climbers. I’ve never had this type of personality. Sure, I love adventure and I’ve had a bunch of them. But never anything like this, even when I was young & agile.  I can’t even imagine sleeping hooked to the side of a cliff thousands of feet up. Yikes.


I guess you could say we were on our own adventure when we went through Zion. We were on a business trip and had only had a couple of hours of sleep in the past 36 (not by choice). So we were pretty worn out.

I think this is part of the same cliff, but not sure. I do know that there is a trail at the top of it that people would hike on. Not everyone decided to rock climb to get up there though!



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